Michel Le Belhomme




Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), Le baiser, 7th October 1967. Pencil on paper, 32.5 x 50.4 cm.


Title: Lola Artist: The Raincoats 397 再生




Pierrot le fou (1965)


by Bruce Davidson



Walking Piece, 1966, by Yayoi Kusama


Title: Sugar On My Tongue Artist: Talking Heads 1,293 再生


Sugar On My Tongue || Talking Heads





Harriet Andersson

Sommaren med Monika

Ingmar Bergman


a guy I’m mates with is going to england in september to see kate bush live TWO TIMES and is also going to all the touristy places relating to the bronte sisters fffffffffff


Gold Corner, New York.

Joel Meyerowitz, 1974


"After Thieves Like Us, I was finally taken seriously. Robert Altman told me: You’re not just instinctual, you are an actress, a very good actress… That was a very, very emotional moment for me. I guess it gave me the confidence to think I could go out and work for other directors as well… If I had listened to everyone who told me no, I’d never have gotten anything accomplished. When I really believe in something and someone says, ‘You can’t do it,’ it just spurs me on… Life is all about movement, and when you stop moving, you’re dead! That’s my big philosophy—it’s all about motion. Life can change in the blinking of an eye, so you just have to appreciate every minute and keep going.” — Shelley Duvall


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Prisma at the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1968 — Gary Lee Nova and Michael Morris



MC5, 1969