lil sneak peak of some vintage stuff I wanna sell :^))) I have lots more but it’s tucked away in the garage!!

bigcartel is good with the cuts they take etc

oooh thanks for the heads up! :* I’m not incredibly familiar with any sites except ebay and etsy (kind of interested in storeenvy but have no idea how successful they are) I’ll look into it, and thank you again!

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!!! Cool news I’m gonna make a site to sell off my vintage clothing collection! I have wayyyy too much shit (really groovy shit I assure you) and it’s taking up space. Might take a while but if you love 60s/70s/80s/90s stuff (mostly dresses and shirts?) you’re in for a treat!!

recognizing the goodness in people is really important/awesome and I like acknowledging it myself but I feel conflicted about/tend of avoid giving out brownie points to them just for being decent human beings ya know? I see some things on here and I think ‘aw it’s great that they’re accepting of x y and z grouse’ but also ‘congrats on not being an asshole tough gig huh’, because… … why shouldn’t they be accepting? anyway how is everyone?







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Slowdive / 1991



support sleepy chicks with bags under their eyes who are drying their hair while procrastinating anything work related

thinking periods and anything related like tampons are gross is completely ridiculous obviously but also please understand that some people find menstruation triggering and the topic can cause discomfort for this reason


In Purbalingga, central Java, numerous small workshops represent the first step in a global supply chain. Almost all workers are women, all of them scraping a living by measuring and cutting artificial hair to the requisite size for false eyelashes, and then knitting them onto a thin plastic thread. The job requires intense concentration, often leaving workers with sore eyes and backs. Their financial remuneration for such monotonous work is about $0.04 per pair, sometimes lower. By the time the product reaches Western consumers, the price they pay has often reached $10 a pair – a mark-up of 2,400%.



You’re not punk until you EAT A PAIR OF DOC MARTENS



Blue Velvet | David Lynch | 1986

Cornerhouse Cinema in Manchester debuts Blue Velvet in 1986.